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we formed our design solutions according to the needs of each project and its various challenges, to create a thoughtful, different, and distinctive aesthetic spaces. Relying on our diverse experiences.

as we also believe in perfection in our work, we strive to care about the smallest details in the


Furniture manufacturing and supply

We represent leading international furniture brands offering a wide range of products like Office furniture, educational, healthcare, and even restaurant and hotels furniture. All products are of great quality and supported by warranty and after sales service.

We providing Turnkey Solutions all around Saudi Arabia & GCC for over 19 years.


Project Management

Our entrepreneurial role in interior design aligned with our experiences in furnishing projects have made us at MIND a valuable third party during the construction and finishing process.

We understand all the details and strive to perfect its quality, and we practice project management and supervision professionally.



Fit Out

Through our “Projects Department”, we manage and supply all aspects of execution materials, office interiors and decoration (Fit-Out) from A to Z like Partitions, Flooring and Ceilings overall including supply and installation, supported by warranty and after sales service from international company that’s we are represent in Saudi Arabia and GCC. 

The department employs engineers with Civil, Electrical, Mechanical and Architectural disciplines along with many other key positions to ensure the highest quality workmanship and timely deliver

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At MIND, we believe success is not exclusive on owning objectives, success is to make a difference in the industry. Since 2005 here in Riyadh. We aimed to make a variance in the interior design industry, elevating the society's standards and expectations towards interior design and execution techniques.

Today we direct these standards, as the first reference for major companies, and anyone seeks reliable services from a professional team, their slogan is precision.

At MIND, We are keen to work on advanced technology and invest our extended experience in the industry to innovate technologies, so we formed the “THINK" team, who focus on doing studies and research on advanced technologies of the industry of interior design and implementation.

At MIND, Passion, art, and Professionalism are continuous.


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Gathered to redefine the interior design

Gathering MIND's team in one place was not a chance, but rather a planned strategic work. We were keen on building an outstanding team, always looking for development, and can't get enough with success.

In adopt a specialized approach for each sector, we formed a "PLUS" team to include a network of specialists internal members with all International experts to create this united mix team that can preform the work as it should.

At MIND We are more than just a professional team, we are artists, creatives, and pioneers.

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